Industrial Heritage


"Buildings and structures built for industrial activities, the processes and tools used within them and the towns and landscapes in which they are located, along with all their other tangible and intangible manifestations, are of fundamental importance. They should be studied, their history should be taught, their meaning and significance should be probed and made clear for everyone and the most significant and characteristic examples should be identified, protected and maintained, in accordance with the spirit of the Venice Charter, for the use and benefit of today and of the future"

TICCEH Conference 2003

Technology and industry have accompanied humankind from the earliest times of simple handmade tools to contemporary controlled production. Industrial buildings and landscapes are considered as visible symbols of the processes of production extended in both time and space. They form the physical evidences of our industrial past, thus they should be known the importance of conservation. In this way, we preserve not only the architectural and technical elements, but also social and cultural values to future generations. In Albanian context, sites and structures of industry have been underestimated for many years in terms of inheritance. Therefore:

Referring to the Albanian past and its possession of a large number of industrial heritage sites with outstanding cultural and historical values,

On the lack of any complete study and research about Albanian Industrial Heritage, and

Considering the lack of information and concept about the subject of Industrial Heritage from the state institutions concerning with cultural heritage as well as wide public in Albania

Albanian Heritage Foundation has initiated the “Assessment of Industrial Heritage in Albania”

The strategic vision of the project is intended to ensure that “Albanian Industrial Heritage is identified and safeguarded as a part of social, architectural, technological, cultural and economic values”; whilst the project’s future goals are focused on doing the country’s registration as well as to develop Research Strategies in order to find adequate approaches. On the other hand, AHF seeks to increase public awareness of the importance of the Albanian industrial past by urging the debate about industrial heritage and its future within the cultural heritage. In the long term, the purpose is to assess the sites’ industrial heritage values and set out an action plan for the conservation and/or re-generation of those buildings which are of special heritage significance.

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