SEE Heritage network & Workshop in Ohrid - Macedonia

Meeting of the SEE Heritage network & Workshop, held in Ohrid, Macedonia, on 2-4 July 2007

A third meeting was held in Macedonia 2-4 July 2007, and organized by the Foundation Open Society Institute - Macedonia and supported by OSI (Open Society Institute) Network Program East-East: Partnership without Borders. The goal of the meeting was to discuss how member of the SEE Heritage network, through the further development of the network, could jointly contribute to the preservation and promotion of the region's rich cultural heritage as a tool for sustainable and responsible development.


The meeting consisted of:

- a public debate on "Heritage and its misuse in political and ideological causes" followed by

- a discussion on problems such as the under-representation of minorities' cultural heritage, the protection of endangered heritage from uncontrolled urbanization, and the irresponsible mushrooming of new cultural structures being wielded for political purposes.

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