Future of Albanian Past


 As of June 2005, FoAP project has been working on creation of the first Albanian National database of archaeological sites and monuments. This initiative is associated with an immediate and major need of the national cultural heritage, threatened everyday by the new post-communistic developments of Albania. The absence of an essential and technically coherent documentation of Albanian cultural heritage shifted FoAP towards the creation of an electronic archive of archaeological sites and monuments.

Each of them contains information, bibliography and images (historical photos, aerial photos, plans, and sketches) for each site, monuments and findings of Albania. The information contained in this electronic recording system is acquired from a documentary search in archives and available literature. In addition the project conducts surveys with the intent to re-evaluate and monitor archaeological sites and monuments. Data collected from the surveys facilitate the efforts to create regional digitized archaeological maps.

Albania is a country with limited trained technology base and experience in the cultural heritage management. Therefore, in order to make the FoAP recording sites and monument system, acceptable and widely useful instruments in archaeological and cultural institutions, a series of training activities have been organized. Seminars and workshops were held at Universities, National Parks and among the interested citizen of the community. This effort succeeded with the creation of the first integrated programme in the digitized system of sites and monuments recordings, by including into the recording chain two of the Albanian National Archaeological Parks, that of Butrint and Bylis. For more see



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