Antigoneia Site Panels

antigone1Antigoneia, one of the main sites of the Drinos valley; it is the first archaeological park after Butrint which is equipped with informative panels. The panels were completed and funded by the Albanian Heritage Foundation. This investment aimed to improve the tourism infrastructure of this important center of Albanian Cultural Heritage. This method of using panels will be followed by other projects that will promote the Antigoneia. This improved application will be introduced to all the elite tourist guides.

Seven panels were prepared with dimensions of 1 m x 80 cm, these contain a short text in Albanian and English followed by maps, sketches and photographs. The main panel is dedicated to Antigoneia, the other informative panels regarding Antigoneia will inform tourists that the site was the most important center in the area. antigone2

Tables are located at various points of the park; these can be found near the monuments. Each panel will inform the tourist of the relevance of the monument with regards to Antigoneia. These include: Antigoneia location, history of the city walls, surrounding fortification, acropolis, urban planning, houses with peristyle, agora, mosaics, history of discovery etc.

This method of introducing the informative panels will help visitors, local and foreign tourists when they visit the park.

Model Panels and tables are similar to tables located in the Butrint National Park.


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